Friday, April 27, 2007

N-words with attitude

Following on from yesterday's post about Russell Simmons of Def Jam calling for an end to the use of the n-word in rap lyrics, and last year's article about New York City Council banning the word, comes a story taken from The Language Log blog about a school in Omaha, Nebraska.

The publication of a student newsletter (link to the pdf file here) featuring an article about the word "nigger" and the attitudes of young people towards it has caused a stir in the local community and led to the suspension of the college's principal (since reinstated).

I think this is interesting on two fronts: firstly, the language issues - as ever - are pertinent to what we discuss in ENA1, ENA5 and ENA6 about racist language, changing words and debates about language; secondly, as a piece of writing aimed at young people, the newsletter feature is worth a read, particularly if you're looking for approaches to introducing a controversial topic to younger readers. And with ENA6, question 2a being all about doing just that, it would be a good idea to have a look to see what works and what doesn't. More of this in class next week...

Useful for:
ENA1 - Language & Representation
ENA5 - Language Change
ENA6 - Language Debates


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