Monday, May 21, 2007

Good luck!

Good luck to everyone taking ENA1 and ENA3 tomorrow morning. Remember to eat some breakfast (to feed your brain!), to get there early, and to read the question papers properly. Stick to your timings and remember that the first question on each paper is worth twice as much as the essay question, but that you should give yourself enough time to answer both fully and a bit of time at the end to check those pesky apostrophes, spellings and sentence boundaries.

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Anonymous said...

just checking sir. for gender the key people we shud know are Deborah Tannen- report and rapport talk, difference model Jennifer Coates- achievement oriented talk, Zimmerman and West-men interrupt more, Deborah Cameron-we can't just calsify all women and all men- there are more variations within gender than between gender, Robin Lakeoff deficit moddel, women use more tags and hedges because they are usually unsure of themselves. other factors that might affect interaction besides gender is personality, culture, proffession, observer's paradox, topic being discussed, age group e.t.c.
anything else?