Tuesday, October 09, 2007

New words scrapbook

New words are emerging all the time. Before you can say "Rarsclart rudebwoy, why you flexin me?" a new word has sprung up and worked its way into our language. And as part of your A2 work on ENA5 you'll need to have plenty of good examples at your disposal. So, this post is designed to help.

"How?" I hear you ask. "You haven't given us any new words here. What are you playing at, man?" I hear you continue.

Well, that's because it's your chance to add comments to this post about new words you've come across. Together we can build a new words scrapbook.

"Scrapbook? Crapbook!" I hear you respond, somewhat rudely.

Well, it doesn't have to be rubbish, but it largely depends on you and what you post. If you can send in new words or links to articles about new words we'll soon have some examples to be getting on with, Then I'll try to offer a bit of analysis of what we've got, you can chip in with your ideas and we'll all learn something together.

"Yes, but where are the Haribo?" you ask.

Well, the Haribo prizes will be awarded to the top 5 most interesting new words posted as comments. There's no strict criteria for what makes an interesting new word, but if I like it I'll award you some Haribo. OK?

So to get the ball rolling, here's a link to something about
Susie Dent's new Language Report and the words of 2000 - 2007.

Useful for:
ENA5 - Contemporary Language Change


Ant said...

I'm gutted that, being outwith the metropolis, I don't qualify for the Haribo awards, but I'll get the ball rolling on my day off with a word that is, frankly, not much needed in Doncaster. In fact I think I'm the only person here the word could possibly be applied to, with my fixie Il Pompino (take great care if googling that :-O ) and Crumpler lap-top bag.

The word is:


I'm not sure exactly how new it is, but new enough not to have spawned its own Wikipedia entry (though it does appear in the entry for 'bicycle-messenger)

It does appear in both the urban and double-tongued dictionaries, with no evidence of use before 2006.

Lexical competitors include 'posenger', 'missenger' and 'pretendeger', but 'fakenger' is the undoubted winner.

See here:


There was even a 'London Bicycle Fakenger Association' (http://lbfa.blogspot.com/) but it appears to have had only one member, and only lasted about a month.

ufuoma itoje said...

"linner" the meal between lunch and dinner! the haribos r mine! and 2 make double sure "infoporn" information that serves no purpose and consumes valuable space in your head e.g. Sun magazine is "infoporn". Both are founded in the urbandictionary...http://www.urbandictionary.com/daily.php

Dan said...

I'll eat your Haribos for you Ant; do not fear.

Thanks for these three:

fake + messenger = fakenger

lunch + dinner = linner

information + pornography = infoporn

Infoporn's probably a mixture of processes: clipping of information to info and pornography to porn followed by compounding to create one new word. The other two look like blends to me.

One conversion that gets used round here a lot is "to boy" as in to reduce someone's standing by humiliating them, taking them down to the level of a boy, maybe...

AdriG said...

Well sir as i have nothing to do in this free period i thought i might aswell contribute to this blog and see if i get some haribo :D Most people havn't really come up with any good actual slang that teenagers use so here we go...

Choongalung= Choong meaning good looking
With the "alung" part enfesising the persons good looks,this word being used mainly by people living in south london. But never fear North london have also got their slang version for good looking which is "Peng" meaning the same thing except that with this word the alung bit does not apply because it just doesnt sound right, but does slang ever sound right?

Another word used more or less recently would be CO.D, im not very sure what it actually stands for but this word would be used when reffering to a best friend, someone that your with all the time etc..

So i think that wraps up my little slang contribution for today.

Dan said...

"Spritten" = as blend of spoken + written: a new word for blended modes like texting and email language. This is one coined by Julia Homan in Chichester.

"Bluetooth high-five" a metaphorical compound noun referring to a high five performed at a distance where both participants hold their hands up and "bluetooth" their respect/love/greetings across the room. This one was overheard in an A2 class last week but I can't remember who actually said it (Georgina?).

Grant Barrett said...

Actually, Ant, there are citations from 2004 at the Double-Tongued entry. There was some snafu that made them not appear but now I've fixed it.

Ashleigh said...

I came across this word on a programme about "the most annoying people from 2007" and on the subject of the ban of smoking in public places this word was created:

smirting= smoking+flirting

while non smokers are left inside looking like loners the smokers are outside smoking and flirting, this is a blend of the two words.

I think i deserve some haribo for that!

Dan said...

You're in with a chance there, Ashleigh. I reckon I can stretch to 5 packs of Haribo for the best new words from the 2 A2 classes.

I'll announce the winners in 2 weeks. In the meantime, there's another Haribo competition about word formation processes at the top of the blog.

Dessy said...


according to (www.askoxford.com) means:

"a type of hip-hop or rap music characterized by repeated shouted catchphrases and elements typical of electronic dance music, such as prominent bass"

apparently, it's a blend of the two words 'crazy' and 'drunk'. i doubt it.

or it simply culd b the past participle of "crank"- which as you shuld know from the tune "crank dat soulja boy" could mean :

slang for a low purity, crystallized Methamphetamine that is administered in a powder form.
or simply to turn ur volume up real loud.

oh yeah and as an A2 language student i shuld probably say : 'it's a noun' but i'm not sure whether it's concret or abstract. music is not something you can touch so it's probably abstract. I DON'T know.

but for further details, visit www.urbandictionary.com

Dessy said...

here's another noun for you. i dunno how new it is, but i suppose it's new cos i've never heard it b4.

(Ms Rana'll love this) it's the idea that women are the drivng force of the world's economy today.

i suppose it's a blend of one whole word, 'women' and half another word, 'economics'.

(this info wasn't provided i just assumed cos it was in the economics section). (see www.wordspy.com)

so maybe it's compounding? or blending? or clipping +compounding?. well if it's not one, it's the other.
i promise u i have learnt something this year sir.

oh ps: the previous word i posted "crunk" IS a mixture of 'crazy' and 'drunk' or 'chronic' and 'drunk' which in that case, wuld describ the state of being high on crystal meth, as well as drunk on alcohol. sounds dangerous. WoW.

i beta get that haribo sir. i'm being serius, all this information has taken weeks, months even years of research, for me to now stumble across it and copy and paste it unto our scarpbook.

lots of hardwork...

Ps Ps: are you allowed to copy and paste stuff unto the blog? if not, sorry.

michael x said...

sho' sho'= clipping of "shower" meaning thuggish, gangster, greezy

Gang= "he's gang" meaning someone you associate with

sandeep sharma said...

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