Sunday, November 04, 2007

Zooks, Ziggies n Spliffs

Hey SFXians!

I assure you this is strictly for research purposes- I'm a big old third-year writing a real dissertation- so, in light of this... slang terms for marijuana anyone?!

I'm trying to compile a list of terms with possible dates and etymologies attached, so if anyone in this loving, caring and sharing community comes across links for bringing me closer to such revelations, do reply to my post!

Also, do feel free to explain why you think these terms exist (i.e. why a particular pronunciation? Does it have a link with another word you know?) and why they're changing all the time!

Eternally grateful,



AdriG said...

Forsome reason i seem to be doin this alot in my free periods anywho i ahvnt got any links but i have got a few words that also mean weed dont know theres the oviouse weed, zoot but the new one thats come up recently is K-SWISS y i have absolutly no clue but its more common in the camden area, hope this can be of some help to u.

*Chrissyfloss*- ex SFXian said...

Cheers! x

Anonymous said...

What about reefer, jazz woodbine, recreational cigarette and shpleef?

And more recently (was it Dr Dre's idea?) da chronic?

Dan said...

Following on from something a fellow teacher reported on the English Language List, "buddha"?

Anonymous said...

Mary jane?

Dessy said...

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