Friday, November 21, 2008

Let's sort these parasites out

If you haven't already seen Barnardo's shocking film in defence of children's rights, you really should. It's here on the Barnardo's website and makes excellent material for looking at how language is used to represent young people. Remember, all the dialogue in the film is taken from UK newspaper websites: in other words, these are all things members of the British public have said about young people. Scary stuff.

Useful for:
ENGA2 - Investigating Representation


Anonymous said...

Its sad how people have been brainwashed to believe all young children are demons. Hopefully in the near future this will all chnage.

Dan said...

I think the media's focus on "bad news" is partly to blame for this demonisation of young people. And then on top of that is the natural antipathy that seems to exist to any generation/ year group below us who we look down as being worse than the year before.