Thursday, March 05, 2009

ENA6 question 1a - technology and language change

Here's the new Haribo prize question, based on a 1a ENA6 question focused on technology and language change.

Comment linguistically on three processes used to create or write the following examples of computer-mediated communication:

FYI (For your information)
Dat (That)
i dont no what yr doin (I don’t know what you’re doing)
cya (See you - signing off at end of online chat)
L8er (Later - signing off at end of email message)

Remember, you just need to accurately identify and label 3 processes going on with these words or how they've been written/typed. The best 2 answers get that lovely Haribo.


Rita Ellouise said...

By Rita: who cdnt do the 'later' cz of the 8 in it.
1)'FYI' is an example of a an initialism. It is derived from the initial letters from the words in the saying 'for your information'.
2)'Dat' is an example of 'th'-fronting in the word 'that'. here, the user replaces the 'th' prefix of the word with an alternative letter, in this case 'd'.
3)'i dont no what yr doin' contains the linguistic process of ellipsis. This is evident in two parts of the phrase.'Do not' has been abbreviated to 'don't','you are' has been abbreviated to form the word 'you're' and the end of the word 'doing' has evidence of ellipsis because the 'g' has been omitted to form 'doin'. The word 'no' which is supposed to be 'know' has also been clipped.
4)'cya' is a blend of the words 'see' and 'you'. In the first place 'you' has been clipped and written phonetically to become 'ya'; while 'c' is also an abbreviation of the word 'see' but it has been written phonetically aswel- because of the 'c' sound.

Dan said...

That looks good to me. One pack of Haribo coming your way :-)

As these are all text, email, MSN style examples, you're right to say that the features are a mix of phonological and orthographical difference, plus (as you say again) there are some processes like blending and compounding at work too.

With example 3 be careful about ellipsis. It might be better to use "ellipsis" only in reference to grammatical ellipsis (e.g. missing out whole words in utterances/sentences) rather than as you're using it here to describe what is really a form of abbreviation...if you see what I mean.

Anonymous said...

well dun rita!! Make sure u share those Haribo's
Lol see wat iv dun

Fanta Drammeh said...

1) 'i dont no what yr doin' (commonly seen in text language)- non-standard orphography 'i' not capitalised, also clipping of 'g' and omission of apostrophe.
2)'L8er'(commonly seen in text language)-an example of a letter number homomphone for 'later', where '8' and 'ate' have the same phonetics.
3)cya-(commonly seen in text language)-also an example of letter homophone, wher 'c' and 'see' have the same phonetics and is compounded with a contracted spelling of 'you'.

Dan said...

Congratulations Fanta. Thursday's lesson looks like it will be a Haribo-fest.