Monday, April 13, 2009

ENA6 - 1a word formation processes

Here's a 1a style question for ENA6 based on the post below about words from politics, technology and economics.

Comment linguistically on three processes used to create the following examples of recent words and phrases:

  • credit crunch (a term used to describe the lack of credit or lending available in the current economic crisis)
  • zombie (originally a word used to describe a body brought back to life by magic, now used to describe a computer taken over by a hacker and used to perform illegal activity)
  • downturn (a word used to describe an economic decline)
  • bankster (a word used to equate bankers' behaviour with criminals')
  • virus (originally a term used for an infectious disease but now used to describe a code that affects a computer)
Best two answers get the Haribo...


Anonymous said...

Dan, do you have any predictions on what this years ENA6 topic will be on. Any insight would be great. Many thanks. April

Dan said...

I'm not sure, April. I've been suggesting to my students that on the basis of the previous years' topics, language variation is a likely choice, but then again there's lots of interesting stuff around too about technology and language change (maybe texting, emails etc.), or even male female talk because of the Deborah Cameron book last year.

On balance, I'm putting my money (£1.23) on variation, maybe with a focus on dialect levelling and new varieties of English like MEYD. But that's just a shot in the dark.

What do you reckon?

Anonymous said...

I thought it would be male and female interaction but not sure. I have been using your blog a lot to help me revise. I just can't believe that in all the previous years you've always been spot on with the papers and predicting hat hey will be on and even what form the production will take.

Dan said...

Glad it's been helpful to you. My predictions are just based on having no life and sitting looking at past papers for longer than is good for me.

My A2 teaching partner is covering child language with our shared class, and she's pointed out that CLA hasn't been on for a while either (2005) so that's a possibility too, but I'm still going for variation as my bet.

As for the form of question 2a, letters to the editor might be a possibility - possibly a couple of short responses to source texts arguing different positions - or an editorial arguing a particular line. We're going to cover these in class next week, anyway.

Anonymous said...

Well basically I am on a gap year at the moment and am resitting ENA6, I got an E first time round and need to get it up to a D to get a B overall, (am 3 marks off) and although it doesnt sound to difficult in theory, my university place counts on it so I HAVE to get it. Am just revising for it at home, but we didn't do much practise on question 2a whilst I was at college which doesn't help. So this website is helping me alot. Also don't have alot of time as am working at the same time.

Anonymous said...

Ok I'm unsure about how to do this, I really have to revise the word formation process. Here’s my go.

VIRUS - the noun has been given a semantic change using the original semantic loading of disease and infection to describe 'an uncontrolled taking over'(such as a virus would do)to a computer code.

DOWNTURN - The verbs down and turn have been brought together as a compound to create a word which expresses the sudden economical fall.

BANKSTER - In relation to the noun 'gangster' the noun has used the suffix 'er', to represent the comparison of a banker and a gangster. Creating negative feelings towards the banker.

Worth anything? Amie

Dan said...

Hi Amie, I reckon 3/5. You're spot on with "downturn" but I reckon you'd need to be slightly more specific about "virus": it *is* a semantic change, in that the original word is being used witha different meaning, but what kind of semantic change? I'd probably got for metaphor in this case.

And "bankster" is probably just a blend of banker + gangster.

There are other 1a practice questions on here if you want to give them a shot too.