Monday, April 13, 2009

ENA6 - 1a word formation processes

Here's a 1a style question for ENA6 based on the post below about words from politics, technology and economics.

Comment linguistically on three processes used to create the following examples of recent words and phrases:

  • credit crunch (a term used to describe the lack of credit or lending available in the current economic crisis)
  • zombie (originally a word used to describe a body brought back to life by magic, now used to describe a computer taken over by a hacker and used to perform illegal activity)
  • downturn (a word used to describe an economic decline)
  • bankster (a word used to equate bankers' behaviour with criminals')
  • virus (originally a term used for an infectious disease but now used to describe a code that affects a computer)
Best two answers get the Haribo...

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