Friday, December 04, 2009

Mind your slanguage

Tuesday 8th December, 11am on Radio 4 is when Mind Your Slanguage is broadcast. It features lots of good stuff about how people use and feel about slang, including interviews with Tony Thorne and Paul Kerswill. But most importantly it features lots of SFX students talking about the slang they use, don't use and how they feel about it. Huzzah!


Julia Homan said...

Wow, what a fantastic programme! Well done famous people. Fancy speaking on Radio 4 - maybe my students will listen to it now.
I wonder if this will stir up another hornet's nest for the BBC?

Dan said...

Thanks Julia. We found it a useful experience and the guy who made it was very helpful. Glad you liked it. My mum's going to moan about my Mockney/Estuary accent, I know it...

BTW I found the Hornet's Nest Aitchison thing at the back of the printed edition of The Language Web, so if you still need it let me know.