Thursday, February 25, 2010

ENGA1 Language & Mode quick revision task

Last year we put up some short extracts of texts from different modes for students to do a quick analysis of, and this year we'll do the same. If you need to refresh your memory of the Mode Continuum then click here.

So, with each extract what we're after are the following:

  1. Where would you place this extract on the mode continuum?
  2. Why?
  3. What language evidence can you produce for your decision?
Please post your answers as comments to this blog post. There'll be feedback given, but sadly no Haribo anymore.

The first extract this year is taken from the ICE-GB corpus which I'm now working with as part of my new job, and it's an extract from a football commentary on the radio. Ignore any underlining as that's not important here, and it's worth adding that the micropauses are indicated using <,> in this extract. Also it's just one speaker:

Click on the image if you want to make it bigger (as Ashley Cole might have said to his sexting "victims". Not really...).

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