Wednesday, April 07, 2010

ENGA1 mode questions

This is just a quick post in response to a query from an AS student (yes that's you, Nourin) about possible questions for the Language and Mode part of ENGA1. Like I've said over the years before, I am an examiner for this but I don't have any inside information. If I did get hold of any inside information AQA would send out highly trained ninja gerbils to kill me. So, these suggestions are based on educated guesswork really (and might be totally wrong).

Looking back at the previous mode questions set (Jan 2009, May 2009, Jan 2010) they've had:
Jan 2009:
Online advert/webpage for dating tips
Phone conversation transcript between two secret lovers

May 2009:
Written version of Green Party speech
Printed guidance about avoiding wasteful use of photocopiers

Jan 2010:
Message board posts about graffiti
Online Guardian article about Banksy

So, for this year you might want to think about: 
·         written mode letters with blended mode emails (like the sample stuff in the AQA A text book)
·         spoken conversation between 3+ participants and MSN conversation
·         spoken commentary versus written match report (like the sample stuff we used in class back in January)

And remember, there's lots of extra test yourself style activities on this blog (just search using ENGA1 as a keyword in the search bar above) and loads of material on Kerboodle if you have access to it (and if you're at SFX, your Kerboodle log in details are Moodle). That's Kerboodle on Moodle-doodle. Like a poodle.

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