Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Rastamouse: rewind

This is just a quick post as I know we've covered Rastamouse a lot recently, and I don't want you to think I am obsessed.

This article on The Voice's website is worth a look if you want to see how its (mostly) black readership have responded to the appearance of the reggae-loving rodent.


arnie said...

Unlikely as it seems in many ways, here's a sensible article by Daily Mail sports writer Martin Samuel: A sorry storm for Rastamouse and Glenn Hoddle, created by the sad and lazy

Dan said...

Thanks Arnie, that's a genuinely sensible article. The point about not knowing the identity of the people who leave these outraged comments on Mumsnet, Telegraph or Mail online sites is a good one.

It does make me wonder if right-wing nut jobs are paid to spend all day on message forums posting bilious crap to poison any rational discussion of things like this.

Or is that lefty paranoia on my part?