Monday, June 11, 2012

ENGA3 June 11th - good luck

Good luck to all of you taking the ENGA3 paper today (and to any ENGB3 B spec people who also use the blog).

Here are some final tips:

  • If a topic comes up that looks unfamiliar, don't panic. Use the approaches and frameworks you would normally use on the texts that you're given and make use of the material within them.
  • Remember to evaluate and critique different models. The top bands of AO2 (20/45 marks on each question) require you to weigh up the different concepts, theories and case studies, rather than just report them.
  • You can talk about attitudes to language in both sections of the paper, but remember that in section B ideas about language are being foregrounded in the texts themselves (i.e. section A often shows you language being used, while section B shows you language being discussed and debated).
  • The more detail you offer in your analysis the higher your AO1 mark. If something is a noun, think about the type of noun. If something is a clause or phrase, try to add more about the type and/or function.
  • Ideally try to follow an analytical sentence model: identify something to discuss; label it linguistically; illustrate it precisely; explain its effects; link it to wider patterns in the text and to what the rest of the text is about.
  • Always remember to read the texts carefully before you start writing. Think about what each text is about and how it is addressing the subject matter. Particularly in section B, think about writing a short (two sentence) summary of the texts in which you tell us what the texts are about, the ideas they are putting forward and the stance of each writer.
  • Make sure you use your time effectively. AO2 is worth 40 of the total 90 marks on this paper, so don't run out of time before hitting the second bullet point of each question.
Good luck.


Anonymous said...

could you do a post running through the enga3 paper if you've seen it please? like what kinds of things you would have included etc. thankyou, majorly stressing out here, i think i've done a lot worse in this than i have in past papers etc.

Dan said...

Hi, I don't think I can do that, because a) I'm marking it and shouldn't talk about it during the marking period, and b) if I say something like "I'd have mentioned random fluctuation theory and case studies by Gary Barlow", you'll stress that you didn't include them..when in fact, you may well have answered the question well using a different approach.

There are lots of different ways to do well, and the paper's done now, so don't worry. Easy for me to say, I know...