Sunday, November 17, 2013

Teacher told to "lose her northern accent"

Following on from Friday's post about another attempt to 'ban' students from using dialect and non-standard terms (and/or slang, depending on your definition of the term), another story - this time about accent - has appeared.

According to The Cumberland News and Star, a Cumbrian teacher has been told to ditch her regional accent and make it more 'southern' to suit her Berkshire pupils. Now it appears that it's not just students who are having their language policed, but teachers are also being told what to say and how to say it. Where will the language police strike next?

Back in 2010, Ofsted raised a similar issue at a school in Portsmouth which prompted this blog post and this response in the TES, among other things.


Anonymous said...

Sky News has now named the school as Whitelands Park Primary School. The OFSTED reports says:

"Although a few teachers make a point of correcting pupils’ pronunciation and spoken grammar, not all teachers model high standards of spoken English when speaking to pupils. Most teachers ask questions that only require short answers. They do not encourage pupils to speak in full sentences or give longer and more detailed answers to questions."

(Sorry about being anonymous!)

Dan said...

Thanks, very interesting.

Since when did anyone speak "in full sentences"? Sounds like the Ofsted inspectors should do some spoken language study!

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