Friday, May 30, 2014

Despicable Minecraft Minions in the Nether

And another quick link to a BBC Radio 4 Today clip about the changing language of children. Here, the OUP language expert Sam Armstrong and comedian & writer Charlie Higson discuss the influence of popular culture and video gaming on young people's language.

While the presenter is keen to get them moaning about young children using terms like minion, nether, LOL and OMG, the experts are good at seeing the benefits to young people of new forms of language and their ability to code-switch. Take that, Radio 4 curmudgeons!

Nice stuff on lexis, morphology, word formation processes and the joys of technology, too.


Fran said...

Heard this too, and it amused me. I judged some of the Radio 2 story entries, so I was interested anyway. I think they do this survey on them each year.

Dan said...

Hi Fran, that must have been fun! What was your impression of this take on the competition?