Friday, March 12, 2021

Analysing language change discourses for Questions 3 & 4: changing punctuation

While I'm on a roll, here's another pair of Section B questions based on some different texts. This time, the focus is on the changing meanings of punctuation and attitudes towards change. Like a few Section B questions, this straddles both diversity and change, so I think it's an interesting one. The use of online comments in response to the article as a Text B isn't a feature of any previous 7702/2 papers but was used once on an old ENGA3 paper on the previous AQA A spec, so I've considered it a suitable text for these purposes. 

There aren't any student responses to this question but if I get time I'll suggest a few angles that might be useful.

Text A is an article by Susie Dent from The Daily Telegraph in November 2020

Text B is a selection of online replies to the article posted on the same day.


Analyse how language is used in Text A (The Twitter row over full stops...) and Text B (online comments in response to Text A...) to present views about language change and punctuation. 

In your answer you should: 

• examine any similarities and differences you find between the two texts 

• explore how effectively the texts present their views.


Write an opinion article on views about language change. In your article you should assess the ideas and issues raised in Text A and Text B

You should refer to ideas from language study and argue your own views.

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