Monday, August 15, 2005

BBC Voices

The BBC is running a week-long series of programmes from August 20, as part of its Voices series, which looks at different accents, dialects and all manner of varieties of English across the British Isles.

The last series was a great resource for any budding linguists and allowed huge numbers of people to get involved and talking about their own use of English. This time round looks just as good, and the broadsheets have already started running articles on youth slang and dialect revival which link to the series and the issues covered in it. The main BBC Voices site contains a wealth of information and views on the way we speak and is a brilliant resource.

Meanwhile, The Daily Mirror's coverage of Voices consists of a cartoon dialect map of Britain, reproduced below (full version on Englang@SFX Resource site):

Useful for:
ENA5 Language Varieties and Language Change


at2 said...

Dead useful, Dan, for any teacher of AQA spec A.
I feel tired just thinking of the effort you must put into this.
Message to students: cherish this man!

Dan said...

You're very kind. I've been advised by my partner to stop doing this or she'll leave and take all 3 children with her. I've told her I'll get back to her once I've updated the blog!