Monday, August 29, 2005

You f***ing beauty

Wayne Rooney has hit the headlines again, but this time it's for shouting rude words rather than "courting" old ladies in latex suits.

After scoring a goal for his little-known north western team, he is alleged to have yelled "Get in there, you f***ing beauty", prompting an apology from a Sky Sports commentator. And Rooney's excuse? According to The Mirror, it's down to his youthful enthusiasm.

But shock horror! He's not the only one in the news for swearing. I know it's hard to believe, but some Australians have been swearing too. And a school in Northamptonshire has imposed a "five f***s a day rule" in an attempt to cut down swearing in its classes.

So what is it with all this f***ing swearing? One academic claims it's all part of language change - old swearwords lose their power, new swearwords and taboo terms become unacceptable. Others argue that swearing is losing its power to outrage.

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