Monday, September 12, 2005

From geek to god

Even though it's a bizarre and disturbing article in so many ways, this is worth a look. The Observer last weekend ran a feature in its magazine on Neil Strauss, author of a book called The Game, which claims to lift the lid on proven seduction and chat-up techniques for men to use on women. If this all sounds a bit too much like those annoying spam emails which promise "You to Can pull a sexie women in just FREE days if you give me your bank account detayls" (and they don't work, believe me) then you might be right.

Strauss comes across like a once desperate loser who's since converted to a new religion and is now convinced that his is the one true path. He also sounds like he revels in his single-minded pursuit of some vulnerable and rather insecure women who don't feel very good about themselves (and that - to me at least - makes him a creepoid and freako).

So what has this to do with language? Everything, apparently: Strauss claims that men can follow a "yes ladder" to capture even a woman like Britney Spears. And he reprints the transcript of his interview to "prove" it! Don't worry though moral guardians, he got her number but didn't call her - phew!

The link to The Observer article is here while the new lexicon of lurve is covered here.

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