Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Is political correctness destroying our culture?

We've looked at this argument before on the blog, but today a report from a right wing "think tank" (whatever that might be - probably a bloke down the pub) claims that Political Correctness is destroying British life and denying us freedoms.

Radio 5 Live have been covering the report and adding to the debate this morning: you can listen again through this link.

So what's under discussion? What is political correctness and is it really the scourge of civil liberties that some commentators are claiming? Part of the problem is the definition: many people are talking at cross purposes, conflating arguments about removing offensive terms from the language with arguments about what are acceptable topics for discussion in a multicultural society. So while most people are probably fine with the idea that calling people with cerebral palsy "spastics" or black people "nig nogs" is unacceptable, and that PC alternatives should be found, many others would feel uncomfortable if they were told that it was offensive to discuss the problems of integrating white, black and Asian communities in inner city areas, or issues like treatment of women in certain religions.

For more on political correctness check this link from Wikipedia and follow the links from there.

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