Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Last bit of ENA6 stuff

...and of course, don't forget to check Beth Kemp's website where she has lots of stuff on approaches to ENA6 question 2a (the one everyone keeps asking me about). Chas's website here is also very handy and you can follow links to resources and word docs.

And if you're banking on the topic being Political Correctness, you could do worse than check this site where there are some really good ideas about why PC is necessary.

And for MEYD and new accents try searching this blog under jafaican, jafaikan, Sue Fox and MEYD.


katie said...

hi, im a student from chas' class and would just like to say what a brilliant blog this is. Chas often mentions it and i've found it has come in very handy (along with chas' own website) in revision today, so a big thank you to you. good luck to everyone doing the ena6 paper tomorrow!

Dan said...

Thanks very much. I've just added a link to Chas's A2 page as you reminded me of how good it is.

Good luck tomorrow!