Thursday, July 29, 2010

Solving crime with linguistics

Forensic linguistics is a really fascinating area of language study, so this lecture by Dr Malcolm Coulthard, one of the daddies of the discipline, is well worth a look. Here he shows how linguistic analysis can be used to piece together the identity/ies of text message senders in criminal cases.

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Stephen Goodman said...

Hi Dan, I'm not sure if you're aware but the whole of Malcolm Coulthard's inaugural lecture for Aston Uni's Centre for Forensic Linguistics can be found here:

This, along with their other work, has proved interesting for me as I'm looking at the usefulness of corpus linguistics methodologies in forensic linguistics.

The lecture might also help any students on here who are considering studying English Language at Aston (even if the lecture is a few years old now).

There's some great stuff on there about plagiarism and UCAS personal statements and plagiarism and its influence on the start of the Iraq war.