Thursday, May 26, 2011

Fry and kinetic typography versus the prescriptivists

Stephen Fry - writer, actor, author and lover of language - takes on language pedants in this neat little animation. It uses "kinetic typography" (animated words and stuff) and has been put together by Matt Rogers.

There's also some discussion of Fry's views here from Russell Smith in Canadian newspaper The Globe and Mail..

Worth a look if you're revising Language Discourses on ENGA3.

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Stan said...

From Smith's article:

'Nobody misunderstands when you say “less” instead of “fewer”. (I would bet an elbow, however, that he himself would never use these words in their more recent senses.)'

This is misleading: less has been used with count nouns for more than a thousand years. The 'rule' came much, much later.