Sunday, February 05, 2012

Not loving "love"

There's a piece in The Sun from last week taking a look at Brighton and Hove Council's decision to "ban" sexist terms of address on public transport. Given that Brighton has a Green Party-led council whose politics are progressive and anti-sexist, I'd be a bit sceptical of The Sun's position on this - its track record for inventing tales of "loony left" attacks on free speech  in the 1980s was pretty disgraceful - so I'd advise a bit of research into this before assuming it's all true.

The Daily Mail covers it here in a slightly different, PC Gone Mad, way here.

Whatever the whys and wherefores of this though, it at least gives The Sun a chance to look at regional dialect and how terms of endearment vary from place to place, which has got to be of use to A2 AQA A spec students looking at Language Variation.

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