Sunday, May 12, 2013

Analytical sentences

One thing that can really help you pick up marks in ENGA1 is developing a kind of template for your analysis that includes some kind of content for each of the three assessment objectives. It's a flexible template, rather than a straitjacket, so you don't need to include all four of these things every time, but it's certainly a good idea to hit at least three in every key sentence that you write:
  1. identification of a significant language feature (with appropriate labelling) 
  2. a clear example of this feature (ideally with the word, phrase or clause you’re specifically referring to underlined
  3. an explanation of the effect of the language choice/ representation of the subject matter created by it 
  4. a comment on how this is a feature of the mode of the text 
You might decide that  you don't want to talk about mode in every sentence of your answer, so it would make sense to maybe hit points 1-3 in most sentences, and then concentrate on 1,2 and 4 in other sections. As I said, it's not designed to restrict your writing or stifle creativity, but it's important to hit the three AOs as often as you can: AO1 Language labelling and identification; AO3i mode; AO3ii meaning.

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