Thursday, May 26, 2005

Keeping the patients in their place

There's often a thin line between what constitutes slang, jargon or what some term "argot". Many people look at slang as a means of expressing solidarity within a group ("in-group" language) but what of the language that keeps outsiders out ("out-group" language)?

this article, doctor's jargon is looked at. Have you suffered a UBI or got a GLM? Perhaps we could also think about the jargon used by teachers to mystify their students (AO3, lexeme, interrupted constructions?!) or that used by OFSTED to mystify teachers.

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*Chrissyfloss*- ex SFXian said...

SUM1 read this if not for a right laugh i.e.

"LOBNH (Lights On But Nobody Home)"- hilarious!

Docs r making jokes at our expense- shock horror! its a conspiracy i tell u.. [someone share my pain..]