Saturday, May 28, 2005

Resources for ENA5

Several people have asked for more help with ENA5: Language Change and Language Varieties, so I've trawled around for useful resources and come up with a few. If you can use the intranet in college (the LRC is shut during half-term, but there will be some computers available in college) you can access my folder on Language Change for tests and worksheets, but if you want to look at other people's ideas, try these:

AQA's guidance on this unit - pages 33-37 are worth a read

Language Varieties

BBC Routes of English
BBC Voices project

Language Change

British Library language resources - very good material on word formation processes, loan words and the history of the language
Andrew Moore's English Language pages - student guides on most main unit

I'll try to add more as I find them, but these should make a good start. It's also worth remembering that on the first question, texts from other times, that you need a decent grasp of the framework, and in particular grammar, to get a grip on the way language is used to create meaning. The internet grammar of english link on the main page is a handy revision tool for this, but don't get too hung up on non-finite verb clauses !

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