Sunday, April 16, 2006

Favourite words

Rather like Charissa's post about Moving Words last week, this is one about people's favourite words. In yesterday's Independent a range of writers and lovers of English chose their favourite and least favourite words, explaining why.

So what's your favourite word and why? And your least favourite?


Dan said...

Alright, seeing as you're shy. My favourite is "broadband" and my least favourite is "Dial-up" or perhaps "BT".

Having just moved house, I'm having to use a modem for a whole week. Sooo last century. Curses!

JIBrightwell said...

I like the word 'Inevitable'

No specfic reason why i like it, but I think i got it from The Matrix movies.

Dan said...

It's a good word, but is there an "evitable" which it's the opposite of? It's a weird one, a bit like inept/ept.

Anyway, my least favourite word is now officially "metatarsal". Again. Dammit!

Ash said...

Heh here's a question for you:

One of my favourite words (or should that be 'phrase'?) is 'Anime' but does it count as a word in the English Language, granted it's not an English word?

I like the word 'dragon' because one day I was discussing with a friend of mine about how that word came about. Did someone see a 20 foot flying lizard and make up the strangest word he could for it? Since then i've been unable to say the word 'dragon' and not have that question pop in my head. The fact that I even had the conversation in the first place sounds strange, but boredom does wonderful things.