Thursday, October 12, 2006

Am I bovvered?

There's more new words joy as this year's excellent Language Report comes out. The Language Report, put together by Susie Dent, covers changes to the language over the year and offers comment and analysis on new words and meanings. The last two - Larpers & Shroomers and Fanboys & Overdogs - have been great reads.

The latest word to be offered the accolade of Word of the Year in The language Report is Catherine Tate's teenage buzzword, "Bovvered?" which has according to the OED taken over from "whatever" as the signature phrase of teenagers. More in todays' Sun here (found on a train, not bought by me... honest).

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Simon said...

Just posted this on my college's virtual LE:
Driving home tonight and stuck in a jam, I noticed the slogan painted on the back of the truck in front of me:


'Palletised'; excellent! Here's the relevant entry from OED online: Palletise:

trans. To place, stack, or transport goods on a pallet; (also occas.) to convert a loading system to the use of pallets (PALLET n.3 4c).

1953 C. L. KIEFFER & E. RISCH Quartermaster Corps ix. 351 In 1942 most of the depots had begun to palletize supplies. 1964 Economist 3 Oct. 61/2 Goods being palletised in advance. 1994 Packaging Today Oct. 57/3 The company says the system is able to handle different pallet and tray dimensions..allowing a wide variety of pack sizes to be palletised in this way. 2003 Contractor (Nexis) 1 Apr. 5 They want to be able to palletize everything a contractor needs for a job, including plans and drawings, and ship it to a jobsite.

So, not such a recent neologism, then. Can't recall seeing this before. This led to post 2: Couldn't leave this one alone, guys, sorry. This follows on from my 'palletise' posting just now. See if you can establish what the guidelines are for spelling verbs with the suffix -ise or -ize. Which one is considered 'preferable' or 'more standard' (you see what I'm doing: trying to avoid saying 'right'!! Non-prescriptivism rules.) Should we always use one or the other, or are some verbs best spelt one way, and others, the other??? Confusing, huh?

Major brownie points to those who come up with solutions/suggestions...

Do you know where to look for answers?! Just looked again at the OED entry for palletise. One of the truly amazing features of this resource is that the menu next to the word selected gives you words next to it in the dictionary. For example, 'palletization' is cited as early as 1946. I know, I should get out more.
Here in Cornwall we're lucky enough to have free access to the OED online, by using our County Library card number.