Saturday, October 07, 2006

Oh my god, I'm a celebutard

Celebrity + debutante + retard = celebutard, according to a new book entitled "I Smirt, You Stooze, They Krump". A 3 word blend, whatever next?

This article on the BBC website talks about a few other words featured in the book and is worth a quick look, along with this Guardian article but I'd save £7.99 and not buy the book if I were you. Instead have a look at this free resource from MacMillan Dictionaries, which gives a linguistic breakdown of a new word each week and offers a whole load of background to why new words appear and how they're formed.

Useful for:
ENA5 - Language Change


*Chrissyfloss*- ex SFXian said...

this is craziness! and what's a debutante while i'm here? (says the soon to be Cambridge dropout..)

Dan said...

from Wikipedia "A debutante is young lady from a representative family who has reached the age of 18, and as a new adult is introduced to society at a formal presentation known as her "debut" or "coming out." Originally, it meant the young woman was eligible for marriage, and the tradition arose when noble families started seeking infusions of cash by marriage to wealthy bourgeoisie."

So there you have it. And "coming out" used to mean something different too, or was it a secret, posh lesbian ritual all along?