Thursday, January 10, 2013

Grammar for teachers (and students)

Michael Rosen - poet, socialist, writer of the mighty Bear Hunt and all-round good guy - has been adding some new material to his blog recently, posting material aimed at Key Stage 2 teachers who are worried about their own grammar knowledge, in the run-up to the new KS2 grammar tests. This is something I'm particularly interested in , both as a father of twin boys who are going to sit the test in May this year and a sad grammar nerd, but I think it has relevance to A level students too.

Grammar teaching has had a pretty vexed history, with arguments raging for decades about its use and effects. I  won't go into all of that here, because I've tried to cover it in a previous incarnation as a language researcher at the Survey of English Usage at UCL and posted a lot about it on this other blog, but it is well worth taking a look at Michael Rosen's stuff to get a sense of the bigger picture where grammar is concerned.


Anonymous said...

The sample materials for the tests are on the DFE website here:

The link to levels 3-5 and level 6 is on the left hand side and is potentially a useful starting point for teachers to get a feel for the test.

Stephen said...

Another useful link for teachers is the sample materials which are on the DFE website here:

The link is on the left hand side (levels 3-5 and level 6) and is useful for KS2 teachers who want to get a feel for the test and the questions.

Dan said...

Cheers for this, Mr G.

Agrodut Mandal said...

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