Thursday, January 17, 2013

Child Language resources

As we're now well under way with the Language Development topic for ENGA1, this link from Jill on the English language List is well timed.

It's the Talking Point website which has masses of material for parents and teachers about children's language development, including a handy set of ages and stages, where you can check what is normally happening in a child's language development at various ages. There's also some useful material on language impairments and the communicative development of children with learning difficulties, which can be really useful for A2 language investigations.

This week's Word of Mouth on Radio 4 had a really good segment on autism and language, which focused not just on the language development of young people with autism but the language used by carers towards people with autism.


eastnorfolklanguage said...

Woo hoo! I made it onto Dan's blog! Thanks for the tag.

Dan said...

Wasn't sure which Jill it was on the list, but thought it might have been you! Have recommended site to my students and other Eng Lang people in the dept, so thanks.

Stephen said...

Cheers - really useful. Are there any good resources or websites on the development of writing in children?