Wednesday, December 06, 2023

MLE media links

In our New Directions: Language Diversity research and resource pack, we have set up an activity that asks students to research different media articles about MLE. Below you will find the media stories about MLE that have been covered in 2016, 2022 and 2023. 


Queen's English to be WIPED OUT from London 'due to high levels of immigration' (Daily Express)

Laziness is killing the magnificent English language, says James Delingpole (Daily Express)

'Th' sound to vanish from English language by 2066 because of multiculturalism, say linguists  (Daily Telegraph) 

MUVVER TONGUE ‘Th’ sound vanishing from English language with Cockney and other dialects set to ‘die out by 2066 because of immigration’  (The Sun)

It's the end of the frog and toad for regional slang, says report. Sounds of 2066 report says ‘talking to machines and listening to Americans’ will kill off British accents and slang in the future. (The Guardian)

The Daily Mail initially led with the headline "Is immigration killing off the Queen's English?" before changing it to the more neutral “What do you fink of dis? The 'th' sound will disappear from speech within 50 years as urban dialects spread.” (Daily Mail)


Wagwan? Street Slang to be Britain's main dialect (The Telegraph)

Wagwan? Why are more and more Britons speaking Multicultural London English (The Guardian)

Wagwan with our beautiful language? (Daily Mail)

Britain would be dull if my London accent wipes out all of the others (The London Evening Standard)

The Multicultural London English dialect is 40 years old but middle class Britain is still terrified (i news)


Cockney and Queen's English have all but disappeared among young people – here's what's replaced them (The Conversation)

King’s English and Cockney replaced by three new accents, study finds (The Telegraph)

Cockney and King's English becoming less common, researchers find (BBC News)

Language barrier: why even Harry has stopped speaking the king’s English (The Guardian)

The south's three new twangs: Study finds dialects SSBE, Estuary English and multicultural London English are becoming increasingly popular among young people (Mail Online)

Black British English vs MLE

The latest episode of Lexis is out and it features an interview with Ife Thompson about lots of issues connected to Black British English, i...