Tuesday, May 31, 2011

ENGA1 June 2011

With lots of students looking for revision tips about ENGA1, I thought I'd add a few bits and pieces over the next week or so. The exam isn't until June 6th so there'll be at least 2 or 3 more posts on this before then.

First off, here's a new and exciting graphic of the mode continuum:

Secondly, here's a list of past text pairings for Language and Mode:

Previous ENGA1 texts

Jan 2009:
Online advert/webpage for dating tips
Phone conversation transcript between two secret lovers

May 2009:
Written version of Green Party speech
Printed guidance about avoiding wasteful use of photocopiers

Jan 2010:
Message board posts about graffiti
Online Guardian article about Banksy

May 2010
Transcript of radio interview at Glastonbury
Article from The Observer’s television listings section

Jan 2011
Transcript of part of a conversation about children’s behaviour
Webpage giving advice about bringing up children.

Future exam papers? Some suggestions:

  •   written mode letters with blended mode emails/text messages/MSN “conversation” (like the sample stuff in the AQA A text book) 
  • spoken conversation between 3+ participants and online conversation
  • spoken commentary versus written match report  (or blended mode web commentary)
  • monologue of person telling anecdote and narrative in written form
  • written text that uses features of spoken mode to create “relationship” with reader

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