Friday, April 02, 2021

Rules & Regulations: Paper 1 exam-style question

If you're a teacher and you've exhausted all the previous papers from AQA and are yourself just a bit exhausted after the... stuff... that's been happening over the last year, I thought I'd try to offer a few possible exam-style questions here. I won't claim any great originality for these as they have all appeared in some form or other in different places - either in textbooks or resources I've worked on - but some of them are in a slightly new form, so they might prove useful. 

Anyway, here's a possible pair of Paper 1 texts for Questions 1-3, based on school rules. Both of these texts originally appeared in a Workbook I did for the old AQA B spec which is now long out of print. I've also done a mark scheme for this which you can find here.

Practice paper: school rules

Paper 1 (7702/1)

Section A

Textual variations and representations

Answer all questions from this section.


It is recommended that you use: 

  • 30 minutes reading and preparing the texts 
  • 30 minutes writing your Question 1 answer 
  • 30 minutes writing your Question 2 answer 
  • 20 minutes writing your Question 3 answer 

Text A is an extract from a sixth form college’s student handbook from a section outlining the student code of conduct in 2012.

Text B is taken from a set of school rules issued to pupils and their parents at the Brondesbury and Kilburn High School in London in 1892.

Question 1 
Analyse how Text A uses language to create meanings and representations.

[25 marks]

Question 2 

Analyse how Text B uses language to create meanings and representations.

[25 marks]

Question 3 

Explore the similarities and differences in the ways that Text A and Text B use language. 

[20 marks]

Text A


As a student at The National College we aim to give you all the support and guidance that you need to ensure that you achieve success. The Code of Conduct is a guide showing you what we expect from all students at the College so that we can help you to achieve in a supportive, caring and non-threatening environment. 

1. Behave and speak towards all staff and other students in a way that does not offend others e.g. using foul or abusive language, racist or sexist behaviour or anti-social behaviour such as spitting. This applies to all areas of the College premises and on transport to and from College. 

2. Dress in a way that does not offend others. Hoodies must not be worn with the hood up in college and no form of headgear (including baseball caps, hats or scarves) may be worn in classrooms, studios, workshops or any other teaching areas unless for medical or religious reasons. 

3. Seek help if needed. 

4. Treat everyone with respect. Any form of bullying will be treated extremely seriously and may lead to permanent exclusion from the College. 

5. Be punctual and attend all lessons (unless your absence has been agreed in advance and through he proper channels) 

6. Inform your tutor if you are absent or likely to unavoidably late. 

7. Agree with your tutor what you need to do to catch up if you have been absent. 

8. Work to the best of your ability in class and ensure that you do not interfere with the learning of others. 

9. Complete punctually all work set outside the lesson. 

10. Meet deadlines for all work. 

11. Make sure all work produced for assignments and exams is your own work. Where information is used from another source this must be referenced appropriately. Plagiarism and/or cheating may lead to disciplinary action by the College and/or Awarding Body/Examinations Board. 

12. Treat all College property with respect. 

13. Wear or carry your ID badge at all times and be prepared to show it to any member of staff if asked. 

14. Follow the College’s Health and Safety rules at all times. 

15. Switch off your mobile phone in class. Students whose phone use interferes with class discipline may have their equipment confiscated and returned at the end of the day.

16. Do not take food or drink (apart from bottled water) into classrooms, workshops or sports areas. 

17. Smoking is a harmful and antisocial habit and is discouraged by the College. If you wish to smoke, please do so only in designated smoking areas. Smoking is not permitted outside the College gates. 

18. Dispose of your litter responsibly by using bins and recycling zones located in and around the College. 

Text B


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